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Wado Ryu Norge er moderorganisasjonen for alle Wado Ryu karateklubber i Norge. Wado Ryu Norge består i dag av 14 klubber, og er direkte tilknyttet Wado Ryu Karate Do Academy og Shiomitsu sensei 9. Dan Hanshi i England, samt Grandmaster Kazutaka Otsuka i Japan.


På disse sidene håper vi dere vil finne nyttig informasjon om vår stilart, våre klubber og våre aktiviteter.


The object of studying Wado Ryu


“Martial Arts” what does it mean?

There are many meanings. For example; Budo, Bujutsi, Bugi, Kakugi, Bushido, witch are all Martial Arts.


But what is the meaning of matrial arts?

Today practitioners of martial arts have many meanings. As a sport, as a health control, to improve the spirit or as a business, but what is the reality?


As the founder of Wado Ryu wrote in a poem:


When you practice Wado Ryu as a martial art, it not only means commiting yourselfe to the way of wado Ryu, but also commiting yourselfe to a certain way of life, wich includes hard training, overcoming obstacles in life and finding the way lead a healty and meaningful existence in the time you have on this planet.Through this way of life you can reach the center of WA and lead a life of wholeness.


This is reality!


Therefore, to categorize the purpose of training in Wado Ryu, one must find the centre of WA through hard training. Once you have entered the centere of WA, you will find many other ways to grow and improve your way of life. It will help you grow in all areas of life.


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